Marshall Junction Partners is passionate about creating real, valuable businesses. It’s our view that this entails working with businesses that provide a tangible corporate or consumer benefit, can make an immediate impact within its industry, is profitable or on a defined path to profitability, and offers a viable exit opportunity. To this end, we are dedicated to the creation, incubation, growth and management of companies that leverage our technology, operational, finance and marketing resources to create real value for all stakeholders.

We’re different. We don’t employ the traditional private equity model where large funds of capital are spread over hundreds of companies hoping that one succeeds. For us, it’s about focusing our proven business processes and values on a limited number of companies whose future prospects are strong. We seek to provide a platform and corporate guidance so entrepreneurs can avoid the distractions of constant fundraising and operational minutia, in favor of simply producing revenues and profits sufficient to prove the viability of their model.  

Marshall Junction Partners LLC was founded in 2007 by seasoned entrepreneurs whose philosophy postulates that, 

  • Companies should make money. We don’t spend other people’s money in order to build companies that don’t make money themselves.
  • We only support businesses that are of practical use to the typical consumer or enterprise. We strongly believe that the creation of a true value proposition makes way for real revenues, which in turn, generates a high valuation for the business itself.  We work hard to identify that value proposition for customers, staff and eventual buyers early on, and assist with deploying it from end-to-end, from inception through exit.
  • In addition to financial support, we supply incubation solutions in the form of strategy, executive, infrastructure, finance, sales, marketing and operations guidance.
  • We purposely maintain a very limited portfolio, selecting intense support and an urgency for the success of each entity, opposed to the traditional “1 in 100 ” venture capital model.
  • We operate with integrity in all our business dealings — especially with partners and staff.
  • We apply a small-business operational approach to each of our business, regardless of size, because it is the right way to do things. Period.

If you think you or your company could be a good fit at Marshall Junction Partners LLC, or one of its companies, please contact us.